Tree Peony Flowers.

Yesterday afternoon, when I checked, this was a fat green bud. Looking out my upstairs window, early this morning, this is what I saw. Not wasting any time, I grabbed my camera and quietly let myself out the front door to take its picture.

I’ve been waiting all winter to find out how many tree peony flowers would bloom this spring.

Interesting facts about the peony: in China, the peony is a flower symbol for riches and honor. In Japan, it’s known as the Prime Minister of Flowers. Ants like them.

It can take several years to re-establish itself when its been moved – which is the story behind this tree peony. It came from Linwood Gardens – a place that has a rich tree peony history.

The first 2-3 years after we transplanted it, were barren years for flowers. And, just when I began to think we’d never see them, last year, there were two gorgeous blooms.

This year,  I’ve counted more than 12 buds and it looks like 7-8 of them are going to flower. And, I’ll be in peony flower heaven.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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