What She Said And What He Found Out.

She said:     This is a photograph rich with metaphorical implications.

He said:       Really? You sure this is not just your English major education talking?

She said:      Yes. I’m sure.

He asked:    How come?

She said:      How come I’m sure or what am I talking about?

He said:        Both.

She said:      People are constantly looking for pearls of wisdom; ways to make sense out of their lives and inspirational quotes to keep them working on their dreams.

He said:       Sometimes that’s true.  Sometimes, they’re just looking for a good meal.

She said:     Don’t be cute (even though you are cute.)

He said nothing but he did smile.

She said:     So, the table could be “your life” and the objects sitting on top of the table could be the things that you bring to your life.

He remained quiet but he did continue to smile.

She said:    It’s important not to sit down to this table empty-handed. And, it’s important to know that you’re not stuck with the first things that you bring. You can offer them to someone else – someone who needs that one thing more than you do.

She said:    You can choose to sit by yourself or you can invite someone to join you. If you want to invite a lot of people to sit with you, you can.

He said:      I’m thinking it could get pretty crowded at my table.

She didn’t say anything but now, she smiled.

He said:      Ah. Is that another metaphorical implication?

She remained quiet but continued to smile.

He said:      Let me see if I understand this. That table represents my life and part of the significance of that is inviting others to share my table my life. Everyone who I ask to join me will bring something of value that gets placed on the table. Whatever that valuable thing is can be picked up by anyone who needs it. Or not.

He said:      What happens if someone comes to my table and they don’t bring something with them?

She said:     That will never happen.

He said:       Really. You’re sure about this?

She said:     I’m sure.

He didn’t say anything, but he smiled … and waited.

She said:     Even if your table had nothing on it, there would still be enough to share. Each person that you invite brings things that they carry inside of themselves – things that are more important than whatever material objects get placed on your table.

He said:      Ah. So, I should make it a point to never eat alone, right?

She didn’t say anything, but she dipped her head at him and grinned.    [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]


    • htkhp says

      Thanks for the encouragement, Beth. I’m never sure how these types of posts are going to end until I get to the last line. Sometimes, I surprise myself. lol

  1. Bruce says

    I imagine the woman puts her glasses down on the table, exposing her eyes directly to the guy, creating intimacy, openness, vulnerability. She can’t get him to focus on her as he ate his meal without saying anything of substance to her. Not aware of his body language, he nervously brings his hands to his face, rubbing his forehead perhaps, closing himself off to her, even though they’ve just consumed a meal together. She wears bold glasses, he wears your average black watch band. Even her glasses are staring at him saying, “C’mon dammit, say something!” Sometimes it pays to go to a new table.

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