Tessa’s New Thing: Tellington TTouch

Ah,  the good life. Springtime was made for sunning in the back yard.  Every chance I get. Except when there are birds to be chased or people to bark at check out along the fence.

I’m told that I’m a “work in progress.” Whatever that means.

Usually when this phrase comes up, there are new things for me to check out. And, this past weekend, there were a lot of new things – starting with a person named Carol.

Carol showed up in the back yard and she didn’t leave for over an hour. She and I worked together. And, she did a lot of talking to my humans while she touched me.  I wasn’t too sure about this, but, Carol was pretty respectful of what my body was telling her.

Which means that when I backed away, she stopped what she was doing. When she was done, I felt relaxed.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I have a feeling I’ll be finding out more about this because my humans were really interested in how I responded to what Carol and I were doing.  Carol called this TTouch, which is short for Tellington TTouch.

Carol left a book with my humans about whatever this TTouch is which is how I know that I’ll be learning something new.

Here’s what I know: if it doesn’t hurt and it relaxes me, how hard can this new thing be? As long as I still get to chase those pesky birds and squirrels that think they can hang out in my backyard, count me in.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




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