Sometimes, Love Is A Dog Harness Attached To A Vision

Symbolism can be a murky thing, even when it’s as plain as the nose on your face or in the eye of the beholder. Unless you’re someone who thinks outside the box … which is what most entrepreneurs are guilty of want to get paid for.

The tricky part is marrying the entrepreneurial vision to the process that produces the end result: a great product that people love to buy because it works and that has an honorable back end offer.

Everything starts with the vision – what the eye sees.  Then, you have to take a leap of faith, dig in, and work hard.

So, here’s a guy named Dan who had a vision and through a lot of hard work, brought that vision into the marketplace by developing what he firmly believes is “the world’s best dog harness.”

Dan tells his part of the story much better than I can so if you’re curious about that, you can explore his web site, Walk Your Dog With Love.

My part of the story starts on one of those Fridays when I was out at the Ontario ARC as a volunteer with the Pet Connections program, watching Gail wrestle Brutus into one of those “Walk Your Dog With Love” dog harnesses.

Mind you, wrestling with Brutus isn’t a bad thing and has nothing to do with the actual dog harness.

As soon as Brutus figures out that he’s about to go for a walk, he becomes beside himself with happiness, flops on the floor and waves his paws in the air, as if to say, “C’mon! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Brutus is more than happy to be snapped into the dog harness; he just doesn’t see the point of standing quietly while this happens when he can turn it into play.

At the end of that day, I tuck a small piece of paper into my bag that has the contact information for Dan’s company scribbled on it. Two days later, after taking a look around the company web site, I send an email to one of the company representatives.

And wait.

Old fashioned curiosity and a fascination with other people’s visions prompted me to send that email.  I love human interest stories with a dog theme because they inspire me to keep working on my own creative visions.

If by reaching out with my email, I found a kindred spirit, the world would be a more friendly place and I might end up with the world’s best dog harness too. How cool would that be?

Not long after sending that email, I got a reply from a woman named Jill. After an email exchange and one phone call, we discovered we liked what we both had to say. She sent me a dog harness for Tessa to try and I settled in to wait for it to get here.

It was a short wait. And, here’s Tessa, modelling “the world’s best dog harness:”

This one is Kelly Green and that silvery rectangular piece you can see is reflective which makes it show up in the dark. Kind of a nice feature to have.

Here’s another photo that let’s you see how the harness fits across her chest:

What I’ve liked so far is how easy it is to slip this harness on Tessa, how wide the actual straps are and, of course, the color. Which I chose because I liked it.

What I knew I would like (because I converted to dog harnesses a while ago) is how much easier it is to walk with Tessa when she’s wearing one.  I’ll be curious to find out if this harness lives up to one of Dan’s guarantees: that it  “…keeps its size…” because it’s made with “…a single buckle, no rings, and one simple slider.”

That was part of what attracted me to this dog harness because the one that I used before didn’t always “keep its size.”

Here’s another thing I like: Dan has a generous offer for dog adoption/rescue groups that want to use his dog harnesses. This is where that “vision thing” ties in to the product; if you can create a great product and attach it to an honorable offer, the world just might beat a path to your door.

You can find out more by clicking on the “We Help Rescues” tab from the home page of his web site. And, you’ll have to come back soon for the follow-up story to find out if, just like Dan, I can say that the Walk Your Dog With Love harness truly is “the world’s best dog harness.”

Housekeeping reminders:  As with every post I write that references the Pet Connection Program and the Ontario ARC, all of my words are my own and are no reflection on either this program or the Ontario ARC.  And, in this post, no one connected to the Walk Your Dog With Love company had any influence on what I wrote.

I do think that the Founder of Walk Your Dog With Love is a man with a vision and I hope he doesn’t mind that I went out on a limb (so to speak) to say that.















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