Basset Hound Silliness And Love.

What he said:   Basset Hound love may be better when you’re part of a dog pack, but, clearly, I’m the star in this one. Have you ever seen a more noble face? Look at those freckles on the end of my muzzle.  Doggie cuteness on a scale of one-to-ten?

Simply off the charts.

We are “old soul” dogs, tracing our lineage ancestors way back into the mists of time. Would you believe ancient Greece and Roman? Believe it, baby.

When we take to the sidewalk, we are a force to be reckoned with, capable of stopping all pedestrian traffic as people turn out in droves to admire our majestic cuteness.

We are beyond cute: we are adorable.

We are the sunshine on cloudy days.

We are better than chocolate, a new pair of shoes; a role in the hay. Well. Maybe you want to argue that last one. (Silly dog grin.)

We have this charming ability to make you smile for the simple reason that all of our individual physical parts are endearingly fashioned into one sweet looking doggie body.

Majestic silliness.

Think of us as regal comic relief. Instant therapy on those days when you need an uplifting boost of energy and puppy love.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]





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