An Open Letter to the Pet Connections Team at Ontario ARC

Dear Pet Connections team:

I wanted to thank you for yesterday: for the way that you brought me into the heart of your team and showed me how important it is to love fiercely and courageously; to be unafraid to speak your minds.

Of course, I’m including each and every one of you. So, for all of you who missed the marketing meeting that five of us had yesterday, after Brutus went back to Happy Tails, make sure that you find out what you missed.

We’re finding out that it’s not going to be easy for Brutus to find his forever home, but, it’s not Brutus’ fault. Brutus is an awesome dog.  When I listen to how all of you describe him so that other people will understand what kind of dog he is,  I am so impressed with your wisdom and your insights.

You guys know a lot!

You know what’s really cool? Brutus came to Happy Tails with a sweet, playful personality. What needed to be worked on was his behavior. All of you guided and shaped his behavior so that he learned how to be calm, how to take treats gently.

Because he has all of you paying attention to him, he can relax and be joyful and not bark.

All of that is a part of what makes Brutus be awesome. You guys gave him a trusting place to come to so that he could be himself.

But, guess what happened while this was going on?

Brutus changed you. And he changed me. Just because of the kind of dog that he is, he dug a place for himself deep into our hearts.  And because we love him and know his potential, he helped each one of us to understand more about ourselves.

And how we can really team up to help him find his forever home.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

Gentle reminder: each time I blog about the Pet Connections program, I speak for myself and not for any of the staff at the ARC of Ontario or the staff at the Ontario County Humane Society (Happy Tails). Everything that I write about in these posts reflects my own thoughts & opinions.



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