One Cool Cat.

Okay, not the best photograph ever taken, if your eyes drift away from the very cool cat claiming ownership of the chair. Please note the catcher’s mitt, extended paw; the boy is an extra-toed, former barn cat.

A polydactyl cat with a crusty personality, otherwise known as Sweet William.  Which is an irony in itself because he is more vinegar than sweet; an introvert kind of cat with definite likes and dislikes.

He is a fool for likes seafood.  He likes to hang out with my son in the late (late) evening, puttering around online … keeping his paw on the pulse of the internet.

He will pull himself up on his back paws in a glorious stretch as he insistently bats at your thigh with one of his catcher-mitt front paws … during dinner, because he’d like a bite. Especially if there’s any fish to be had.

He’s pretty quiet until he has something to say. One of his nicknames is “Toes.”

He was born in a barn down in the southern tier, and arrived at our house when he was about 8 weeks old. That was six years ago.

He’s a brown tabby.

An inside cat.

Which makes it hard to understand why he got so sick, so fast. Four days ago, he stopped eating. Which I didn’t know until yesterday.

Yesterday, when I was getting ready to take Mac off to the vet, William threw up all over my office chair.  And, three hours after I’d brought Mac home from the vets, my son and I were headed back there with William. The red flag? He had a fever of 104.5.

Antibiotics, draw blood and take him home to wait for the results from the blood work.

More throwing up last night, still not eating or drinking. Back to the vets’ this morning and this time, he stays for three days of IV fluids to see if he can fight off what could be some kind of toxic infection.

His liver count is off the charts for how high it is.

We like our vet. We trust what we’re hearing. We’re not sure where all of this is heading. We hope that the fact that William is a young cat works in his favor. And, we hope that this is something that flushing his system with fluids will take care of.

But, we don’t know.

So now, we wait.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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