All Roads Lead You Home

We were headed home from seeing our friends, Lee and Dave, who are the owners stewards of Two Hawks Gallery. They spent this weekend at the Little Lakes Inn, a wonderfully serene bed and breakfast/healing center in Honeoye.

The weekend gave the owners of the inn and my friends the opportunity to share their combined gifts to the world in one of the most nurturing spots in the Finger Lakes.

When the late afternoon sun’s rays shot like light beams out of the clouds, we turned into the wide swath of driveway that curved up to a somewhat dilapidated farm house that faced west, looking out onto a mesmirizing vista of valley and sunset.

Climbing out of the car, we turned into shooting fools, taking photograph after photograph.

There was a barn on the opposite side of the road; I felt as if I was standing in the middle of a breath-taking nowhere worthy to be an Andrew Wyeth painting.

This is not a living barn anymore. Yet, the fields behind it look like they’re still in use.

Here’s an interesting question: a rural lifestyle is so far from what my life has been about … how is it that I felt such an overwhelming sense of homecoming as I stood in this desolate beckoning place?

Home coming is both a sense of belonging to a place and it’s also about what we carry in our hearts. This past week has been filled with home-coming: things that are familiar; places that I feel as if I’m seeing for the first time but that have always been in front of me.

Part of that homecoming is about loss and renewal; physical death and spiritual awakening. And, all roads lead us there.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]



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