The Education of a Former Shelter Cat

Mack said:    It’s gonna be a scorcher today.

Onyx said:     What’s a “scorcher?”

Mack said:    That’s when it gets really hot outside.

Onyx: said:   And, that’s a bad thing?

Mack said:    Not for us!  We’re inside cats.

Onyx said:    And, that’s a good thing?

Mack said:    You betcha, kid.

Onyx said:    Why is that?

Mack said:    All the comforts of kitty paradise and humans to wait on us.

Onyx said:     And, that’s a good thing?

Mack said:     Kid, you have no idea what a sweet thing that is.

Onyx said:      Wish I had your confidence about that.

Mack said:     Stick with me, kid, You ain’t seen nuthin yet!   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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