Why Cats Are Not Dogs.

I have been so “inside of dogs” on this blog that it feels odd to write about Onyx. Despite the fact that I have lived with cats for as long as I’ve lived with dogs … that is to say: forever.


They’re not the same as dogs.

They have their own unique agendas that include mastery of basic survival skills early in their kitten-hood. Without ever going to obedience school.  Take, for example: litter boxes.

Piece of cake.

Even Onyx who had a history of living with nine other cats and, apparently, not enough litter boxes. Which left him the odd man out and a bit sloppy. Until he showed up at Lollypop Farm as an “owner surrender,” where he figured out how to use his own litter box.

He is sociable; likes to be with people and will follow one of us around the house. Much like Tessa follows me and much like Jasper follows my husband. In this respect, he is very much dog-like.

Or, he is just very much himself.  A baby kitty.


Onyx yowls talks to you when he’s hungry, when he wants to be picked up, and when he’s pissed about being kept away from what’s going on. He doesn’t have complete run of the house … yet. We’ve given him time with Jasper without Tess and we’ve given him time with Tessa without Jasper.

We’ve given him time with both dogs (on leash or hand-to-collar) in the living room.

The next stage is to have all three animals be together with both dogs off leash/hands off collar. We’re slowly working up to that point. Boy, does it help that both these dogs already like cats.

The easiest introductions were with Mack and Josephine.

A piece of cake times two.

Like Mack; like every cat that I have ever lived with and like all of the cats that have ever lived and have yet to be born,  Onyx has his act together.

Which begs the next question: when is a dog not a dog? When it is a cat.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]





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