Tessa Learns About Holistic Cat Food

Ha! I’m back.

You would not believe how one tiny, four month old kitten can turn a well run household on its ear during what my humans call “an adjustment period.” Two weeks into this and we’re almost back to normal.

Which means that I no longer have to be on the other side of a door or in my crate during the times when I get to have the run of the house.

How am I supposed to really get acquainted with this creature if I can’t be nose-to-nose with it him?

Checking him out.

Things were a bit undecided that first week. What was his name going to be? There was a flurry of emails between my human and some of her cat friends before finally, at last, they she decided to keep the name he came with: Onyx.

Once that was taken care of, didn’t Onyx spike a really high fever and spend two days kind of down in the dumps, mostly sleeping in his basket. Which prompted another flurry of activity – this time phone calls to the vet and more of those emails. This turned into something called a puzzle before Onyx finally went off to the vet where, from all appearances, there was nothing dangerously wrong with him.

As my human said, “Lollypop Farm wouldn’t have put him up for adoption if he hadn’t been healthy.”

So, what was up with all of that?

Did he have a virus or bacterial infection that he might have picked up from his mom before he came to Lollypop Farm? I didn’t really understand this part, but, things seem to have calmed down now.


This ‘fever of an unknown origin’ sparked another flurry of emails between my human and her friends and THAT resulted in lots of discussions about cat food. Amazing

Grain free seems to be the latest buzz among smart pet people. Also, there seems to be a lot of talk about the pros and cons of feeding dry versus wet food. Who knew?

What I’ve figured out is that almost any time my human gets busy on our behalf (for those of you who are new to this blog, I live with one very large, 9 year old Great Dane, an elder whippet: Josephine is 15 years old, and Mack. Mack’s a three year old cat and it’s because of him that we have Onyx. Well, partly because of Mack.) … where was I?

Oh yeah. Whenever my human gets busy on our behalf, there’s usually this thing called shopping that happens. I got a really cool, green harness when she got busy on my behalf.

She did some online research and found this web site called “Cat Chat on the Radio.” Unbelievable that humans actually think it’s worthwhile to devote a radio show to cats.  Finding this site made her pretty happy because that’s where she found what she was really looking for: this thing called “holistic cat food.”

I guess she liked what she found because she went and did that thing called shopping. On a Friday night, if you can believe that.  And, came home with a bag filled with two different sized cans, a few packets (wet),  a bag of grain free cat food (dry) … and a bag of dog treats.

She will probably blog about all of this but at least, for now, you’ve got the insider’s scoop from me.  Mack and Onyx seem to really like this new holistic stuff. I’m told that cats can be notoriously fussy about having their food changed. Maybe kittens not so much. But Mack? He’s really fussy!

And, I don’t hear him complaining.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]





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