Cast Your Fate to The Wind …

He said:    Thar she blows!

She said:   You have got to be kidding.

He said:     I don’t think so.

She said:   And, that’s the note you’d like to end on?

He said:     Absolutely.

She said:    Maybe you’d like a rubber ducky?

He said:      If you think it will help…

She said:    It’s a little late for “help.”

He said:     Never say, “Never.”

She said:    You think this will work?

He said:      Not a doubt in my mind.

She said:   What if somebody sees us?

He said:     Darling, it’s Sunday afternoon.

She said:    And, that makes a difference?

He said:     Trust me.

She said:    That’s how I got into this mess!

He said:     I beg your pardon?

She said:   Sorry. I forgot. Last night was my idea, wasn’t it?

He said:     Yes ma’am!

She said:   So, I trust you. Now what?

He said:     Ready about … hard-alee!

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