Robert Goolrick is Simply Wonderful.

“In the evenings, the mothers and fathers would sit on the porches, drinking iced tea and talking in soft voices about the day’s events, while the girls sat on lawns making chains out of dandelions, and the boys made lonesome bleating whistles with blades of grass squeezed between their thumbs. They listened to the radio, in the evenings, but since there was only one station anybody could get, the town became, for that hour or two, like a stereophonic symphony.”Heading Out to Wonderful, by Robert Goolrick, pg 7.

Small town rhythms haven’t changed that much in all the years between 1948, when Heading Out to Wonderful takes place and 2012; now.  Technology has given us more sophisticated toys to play with, but, the important things: matters of the heart, are eternal and forever enticing.

Good story tellers are never out of fashion. The best ones, like Robert Goolrick,  literally take our breath away.

And leave us wanting more.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




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