Paper Tiger

This is a paper tiger at rest, otherwise known as Onyx, the newest member of our happy band family, in a pose I never thought I’d capture on film. We’d just finished a fast and furious game of throw the paper wad, mad scramble to leap off the bed, to the floor, chase the paper wad, bat the paper wad, carry the paper wad out into the hallway before stalking back into the bedroom, jumping up on the bed to drop the paper wad near my hand, crouch, fix eyes firmly on mine, meow, meow again, and wait for the next paper toss.

We played this game for 20-30 minutes. Or more.

Finally, when I wondered if he’d never slow down, he gracefully stretched himself out into a sleek, regal cat pose at the end of my bed. A short time later, his eyes s-l-o-w-l-y closed and he took a nap.

When he’s in all out kitten-stalker-mode, he moves like a tiny black panther. Now that he’s comfortable with the dogs, he stalks Tessa and bats at her ear. The two of them have chased each other all over the upstairs more than once and if Tessa has burrowed herself underneath the green quilt on my bed, Onyx jumps on top of her.

This could only be a match made in heaven.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]








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