We Are So Done With Chocolate!

After three days of shepherding Tessa through chocolate withdrawal, we are almost back to normal. Last night, for the first time in two nights, she didn’t have to sleep confined to the kitchen where cleaning up chocolate vomit is a lot easier on a linoleum floor. She’s quite fond of her creature comforts and sleeping by herself did not make her happy.

Day two of this ordeal started with a call to my vet.

They said:  “Keep an eye on her, it sounds as though she might be through the worst of it. But, if things change, call us back.”

An hour after that phone call, Tessa started throwing up or having chocolate diarrhea every twenty-forty minutes. Her output wasn’t alarming until mid-afternoon. She escaped the confines of the kitchen and dashed upstairs to get to the water bowl I keep in the bathroom for the cats and drank non-stop until I caught up with her.  Five minutes later (back in the kitchen again), she threw up what looked to be a small island of watery chocolate. Think Nestle’s Quick for color.

A second call to the vet and we were in the car and on our way. Things began to calm down from that point on – her body stopped its explosion of chocolate and I was able to start giving her bland food – white rice.  Her boisterous, jumping-jack personality reasserted itself around dinnertime, last night.

We’re pretty lucky that Tessa’s reaction to this chocolate binge was gastrointestinal. There was never a time when she became lethargic; nor did she ever go into shock.  She did become a round-the-clock patient … which is only just now sinking in.

Sunday up-date:

We are done with Tessa and all-things chocolate … which is fabulous news for a couple of reasons. The first is that Tessa is back to her normal and the second is that I can move on to something else to blog about.  There are only so many “dog eats chocolate, dog throws up a LOT because she ate chocolate” posts that you can write about. Tessa and I are ready to move on to other things.

Like chasing squirrels and low-flying birds (Tessa), enjoying blessed silence for the rest of the weekend until the roofers come back on Monday and getting ready for the family-Adirondack-summer-vacation (me).  It’s getting closer to that time.









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