Summer in the Adirondacks is More Than Coffee Cups

Here’s what I notice about renting a lake cottage located in the southern most corner of the Adirondack Park, every summer, for one glorious week in August:

1.  The coffee cups are a fun miss-match of other people’s interests and journeys.

2.  Nothing beats an early morning, first look at the lake with the mist rising off the surface.

3.  If you go to the same place often enough, you get glimpses of what it might be like to live on that lake year round.

4.  Time relaxes itself around meal times and day trips or just hanging out on the back deck with your feet up on the rail, listening to the wind in the trees and the occasional bark of someone else’s  lake dog.

5.   You rediscover how unspeakably gorgeous the scenery is between the lake cottage where you stay and Little Falls.

6.   You have seven days to add to your rock collection.

7.    You pack more than you need and completely ignore the writing projects that you made sure to bring with you.

8.   You let your mind drift.

9.   You focus.

10.  You don’t think you’ll ever want to leave, but, when the time comes, you pack everything back up and head out, recognizing that it even though you “can’t take it with you” (except for the rocks), you can, if it all works out, come back next summer.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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