Just You And Me, Kid …

Did you ever have one of those days when your brain went into a freeze-funk and your to-do list puddled down into a watery mess on the floor? I had that kind of day today. As a matter of fact, I’ve been having a steady diet of these kind of days for almost a week. It feels like there’s nobody else home in the world.

Except me.

I know that’s not true.  Have you noticed that knowing and feeling don’t always line up with each other?

It was time to flip the switch and get of of Dodge.

I stuffed left-over chunks of marinated chicken, from last night’s dinner, into a plastic bag, grabbed my camera man husband and a couple of leashes and Jasper, and we drove to a spot in the village where you can sit in the shade, underneath the trees, stare at the boats and just be.

And, we bee-ed.

When we were finished with that, we started coaxing Jasper into different poses for the camera with me. The original idea was to have the two of us sitting on the dock …

of the bay

wasting time …

Sorry, couldn’t resist.  I did warn you I was in a bit of a funk.

Okay, back to: … The original idea was for Jasper and me to be sitting on the dock with our back sides to the camera. But, by the time we showed up at the dock, it was late afternoon, the dock was hot from the sun baking it all day, there was no shade, and, when I sat down on the wooden boards I got a splinter or two up my butt. Those boards were hard! Jasper wasn’t going to like sitting on this dock any more than I did.

Which he let me know by moving suddenly which almost pitched me into the canal.  An elder dog he may be, but by God, he’s strong!

On to Plan B.

Which was as simple as looking behind us at the cool grass under the shade trees. Who were we kidding that we could sit on a dock and pose?

We spent about 30 minutes coming up with variations on that first theme.  I think we got lucky because one of the photographs that A took has just the right feel to it.  It’s not true to the initial idea but I think it’s better because you get to see Jasper and I having fun with each other. Which makes my heart happy.

And, that turned my day around.



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