Street Stray Reveals 10 Best Tips to Living Your Best Life!

"black terrier mixed breed dog"“Shh! Let’s keep it our secret that I snuck onto this blog while I had the house to myself. And, you thought I was just a an elegant, pint-sized, mixed bag of a bitch dog. I fool a lot of people that way. I’m actually quite multi – talented for a former street stray without any formal education. Wait! I take that back. I did go to school … some silly thing called “obedience class.”  I think it’s more for humans than  for dogs, except that I did learn some things about focus and how to walk into a room filled with dogs without being a jerk barking uncontrollably.


I may not be able to tell you who my parents are or where I came from, but I think I’ve got everything else pretty much figured out.

1)   The best treats go to the dog that jumps the highest.  Hmm. Who could that be?

2)   Life’s better sleeping under the covers. (Yeah, baby!)

3)   Live in the now because that’s all we’ve I’ve got.

4)   One way to keep your humans happy is to stay out of the cat litter box.

5)   Don’t turn your nose up at crunchy baby carrots.

6)   It may look like a cat and smell like a cat, but it’s still a toy.

7)   When in doubt, drop into a sit, cock your head to the side and look cute brilliant.

8)   About road trips: be ready to go at a moment’s notice!

9)   About cats: don’t let the bastards get you down.

10) Never worry about things that go bump in the night. Everything looks better in the morning. 

Whoops! Looks like my time’s run out …   See you later!”



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