Off The Grid – Do You See What I See?

Striped steps Albright Knox Gallery

Watch your step

Lots of behind-the-scenes plans taking shape for this blog. I’ve got four narrative essays completed and (almost) ready to be uploaded here for my subscribers as the prelude to a book that I plan to self-publish. And, as I wrestled with that, I came up with an idea for chapter books for young readers based on some of the blog posts I’ve written here.

I’ve always felt that good stories, stories that are well-written, that seek to entertain or make a point, will find their readers out in the vast internet sea of content.  Which is one of the reasons that I started this blog in the first place.

Healing Rescue Dogs has been my sounding board and platform; a place where I birthed rough drafts, hatched ideas and reached out to the outside world. Would I find kindred spirits? Like-minded people?

Could I literally create something from nothing?

A few weeks ago, my family and I headed up to Buffalo, NY to visit the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. 

It’s a wonderful place to lose yourself in the creative mastery of artists; to go “off the grid” in what becomes a creative time out.

There are lots of different kinds of creative genius, from Claude Monet to Corinne Wasmuht.

"Claude Monet"

Claude Monet - Towpath

I’ll bet, like me, you recognize the first name but not the latter.  Their styles are in sharp contrast to each other. Yet, each has its place.

You might be drawn to one or the other depending on your personal tastes and preferences.

When you get as close to each individual painting as you can, what you see doesn’t look like any recognizable thing. Blobs of paint and brush strokes …  Which might be all that some people see regardless of the finished painting.

Each artist has a vision of what their end result will be. And, however they get there: to the end of the canvass, to the finished painting, at some point, they go “off the grid” to get it done. The one doesn’t look anything like the other.

"Corinne Wasmuht"

Corinne Wasmuht - Biblioteque

Yet, somewhere, in the fundamentals of form and composition, there were rules that each artist mastered before bending and reshaping them to their own unique style.

Take this idea of unique style, of what an artist envisions before picking up a brush, and apply it to other forms of creativity.  Each discipline has its own set of basic principles – scaffolding – that define and give shape to whatever that is. Put another way, ” …you have to know the rules before you can break them.”

Could they create something from nothing?


We all have something unique that can be nurtured and shared with the world.  Painters, writers, cooks, fashion stylists, athletes, internet markers, dog professionals, bloggers, company CEOs, engineers, moms, dads … whoever you are, regardless of your talents and skill sets, we all of us have something valuable that takes time to perfect before its ready to be tossed out into the universe to see if its got enough merit to stand on its own.

Monet and Wasmuht picked up brushes and paints to get their messages out to the world. I picked up words and a keyboard to get my messages out to the world.  Different, but the same.  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]




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