My Husband’s Mistress …

Black Great Dane and woman sitting in the grass"


I found my blog post today when I decided to take a break from the computer and go outside in the backyard where Elder Dog was dozing in the late afternoon. It was closer to dinner time and it felt more like the end of a hot summer day than an evening in September. Jasper (Elder Dog) looked up when I came out, carefully raised himself up from his warm spot on the ground and slowly followed me over to the garage.

He waited patiently while I went inside and grabbed one of the fold up camping chairs, came back out and staked out my spot. I’d come out with a good book and was prepared to just hang out, check out the action on my street, but more than this, to relish knowing that I had nothing more important to do than to be with this dog.

Jasper dug around some of his favorite places and unearthed a really soggy, disgustingly yucky, used-to-be green tennis ball.  He pushed it pretty hard against the gutter so that it disappeared in a hole that he’d dug sometime during the summer.  Then he pushed and shoved some more until it popped up into the air.

Game over.

He hunkered down on the narrow sidewalk to snooze again, deliberately ignoring the people walking down the sidewalk that would have sent Tessa into fits of frenzied barking. Which we are working on, by the way. I just tossed that in for color.

A. is taking off this weekend from Friday through Sunday night which means that Jasper will spend all of this time waiting for A to come home. This is what Elder Dog and I do, falling into patterns much like an old married couple.

If you understand that Jasper is the half of the couple that got left behind. And, that he’s “making do” with me in A’s absence. We play this waiting game so well, that it’s like slipping on an old, soft shoe.

Some dogs choose who they will give their hearts to. They give it once and never take it back.  Better, I think, than a real mistress who might not always be around.



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