Save The Last Dance For Me

"Formal dinner party place settings"

She said, "Dinner is served."

She said:    Do you think anyone will notice?

He said:      Not if we’re careful.

She said:     You’re sure?

He said:      Pretty sure.

She said:     What if …..

He said:      Let’s not borrow trouble.

She said:     You’re right, of course.

He said:      This time.

She said:     If anyone finds out …

He said:      They won’t.

She said:     Famous last words.

He said:      Maybe not. Do you trust me?

She said:    With all my heart.

He said:     Well, then.

She said:    Exactly so.

He said:     They are playing our song.

She said:    Shall we dance, then?

He said:     I thought you’d never ask.   [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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