What Dogs Want You To Know

Black Great Dane laying in front of grape vines"

Elder dog guards the grape vines.

We’ve had a mix of sunny days and overcast, could-be-rain days. We’re at the start of October which means that there’s still Indian summer to look forward to.

And, that means, there will be more days for Jasper to find the perfect spot in the back yard. He does the majestic sit better than any dog in the neighborhood, which is a good thing because he’s long past being able to hop up on his back legs so that he can put his front legs on top of the wood fence – so that he can check out the action in the front yard.

Don’t be fooled. He’s still a player and whenever I find myself thinking that he’s getting way too old for some things, he shows me that he’s figured out a “work around.”

That’s one of the neat things about dogs. They can always find another way to get what they want. Or to get you to get what they want for them!

Clever bastards, aren’t they?  [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

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