A Rescue Dog’s Story Begins With You.

"terrier mix black dog laying in the sun"

“…when you look at a rescue dog for the first time, don’t focus on the story of his or her past. Focus on the most important chapter. The chapter that begins with you.”  – Lulu’s Rescue blog

This is Tessa and, no, she didn’t (physically) come from Lulu’s Rescue, although if we make a literal assumption – that Tessa represents “every rescue,” at least for the length of this post, then, metaphorically symbolically, she could have come from Lulu.

The chapter of Tessa’s life that begins with me started almost four years ago, when I got the itch to get a third dog.  I told one version of her story in a guest post and I’ll retell it, with a few more details, in the last chapter of my first book.

Which is almost finished, thank you for asking! Just when I thought I was done, I realized that I’d forgotten to write about the lake dogs and Tessa. So, stay tuned. The end of that project will bring me to the beginning of another chapter in my life. And, I can’t wait to get there!





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