Dogs And Why We Love Them

Thanksgiving is a mere three days away. How does that happen so quickly? Wasn’t yesterday August? Wasn’t this the view I woke up to?

I’ve been holed up writing the final chapter(s) for my book, plotting its first 90 day marketing plan, making huge, seemingly last minute changes in what this book will look like as a thumbnail pix; not walking Tessa, shame on me but, occasionally “walking myself.”

Which is to say that when I’ve needed to cut away from any kind of a distraction and just get off by myself, I’ve stuffed my feet into good walking shoes and have walked the village, making sure that I stay out for at least an hour during a time of day when most of the grown ups are at their jobs and most of their children are tucked away in school.

As I pick up my pace and head for the streets near the middle school that are hilly and will remind me that I’ve been letting myself get out of shape, I think about all of the dogs that I’ve shared my life with since I moved up to the Finger Lakes area of New York.

Such an endless fascination that I never get tired of thinking about; dogs and why we love them. What that says about us. What we can say about that. And, will what I have to say find its audience?

I’m counting on that.


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