Tessa Speaks

"Min Pin mixed breed"

Tessa the Wonder Dog

So, she’s been writing book reviews, waxing poetic about blue barns, and plugging away at writing all of those essays about the dogs that have changed her life. Just when I think she’s done, she decides to add one more.

One of those essays is about me. I’ve read it. It’s not too bad. You can decide if she’s captured the essence of who I am when you read it.

I am pretty amazing for a former street stray. And, speaking of street, the word on the street is that part of my mixed DNA, from two very friendly women that live with them, is that I am definitely part Min Pin.

It’s that jumping thing I do and that nose-in-the-air sniffing thing I do and that protective attitude I have when I’m outside in the yard. Mostly, it’s that jumping thing.

Glad we got that settled.

Now it’s time to plan my public relations tour. For when that book comes out. I’m gonna be a rock star.

Just you wait and see.



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