Zen And The Art of Loving Dogs

Hello, downward facing dog! I’ve missed you.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve unrolled my mat, breathed deep, cleared my mind and let myself settle into a focused, calm state; all preparation for you.  Just so you know, it will be a while before my body moves easily between poses with the fluid grace of water sliding over stones in a stream. But you know this: you take me as I am each day that I show up to listen to myself, to coax my body to do what feels right, to work with my breath to find my center; to just be in the moment.

Yoga. It’s easy but hard, requires discipline and commitment. Yoga is fun and creative,  allows me to explore and delve into that elusive inner self that is my pure energy.

You waited off stage like a patient lover, confident in yourself, knowing that I’d come back to you. It was just a matter of time. You didn’t begrudge my absence, whine or express your displeasure in any way.  Take me as I am, you whispered.

Isn’t that the perfect, unspoken message that eddies and swirls around all of the lost dogs, the dogs that find themselves dropped off at animal shelters? It’s the same message that gets dumped in much the same way that someone we will never meet but who we will forever rail against for their deliberately cruel act of abandonment, slows down by the side of the road just long enough to push a dog out onto the pavement before speeding off without a backward glance. Breathe. Find your center.

Don’t move too far forward that you are in the future or too far back that you are in the past; the lessons are found on the mat.

As horrific as those acts of abandonment are to those of us who love dogs and have heart-felt relationships with our dogs, the lost dogs (all dogs really) don’t judge. They can’t because that level of cognitive thought doesn’t exist for them. They live forever on the mat, in the present moment, neither too far forward or too far back; always downward facing dog.







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