Yes, ma’am. I Am An Author!

Years ago, when I was taking poetry writing workshops, rubbing shoulders with poets and writers, other graduate students and wanna-be authors, one very wise woman explained to me that there is a confidence that settles itself like a warm blanket around the shoulders of someone who has just published that first book.  She might have left out the part about the “warm blanket” but she was spot on about the confidence.  It crackles like electricity, shoots from the soles of your feet to burst like fireworks out the top of your head.  And, yesterday when I slit open the heavy cardboard mailer to get my first look at the paperback edition of my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail, I swear my feet left the ground. I’ve been floating for almost 48 hours.

Today, I took my book with me when I headed off to my yoga class and showed it off around the village before heading back home. One of the librarians has been reading the digital version and her face lit up when she saw the book.  Before I left, one of the other librarians had pulled up the sales page on Amazon to order three copies for the library!

One of the cool things about writing a book and getting it published is finally being able to check it off as “done” on my lifelong list of dreams to achieve. Yes, ma’am I am an author!

A good one, I hope.

I’m pleased with how the print version of Love Always Wags Its Tail turned out. When I put my publishing hat on, I made all of the decisions about the cover, the color I wanted the pages to be; the font type, the addition of a black silhouette of a Great Dane to romp throughout the pages (those of you who follow my blog will recognize it I’m sure) and the use of a technique called “drop caps.” Wisely, I worked with two fabulously talented guys so that all I had to do was send files to each of them: one created the cover and one handled the formatting. Ah, outsourcing! You are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Now, some of the fun stuff begins. A few of my pet blogging buds are waiting to get copies of my book so that they can introduce it to their subscribers. One of my dear friends who owns a darling shop in Pittsford, called Mostly Clay, wants to host a book signing for me this month.  And, perhaps the best part of the first stage of this marketing plan is that sometime next week, the American Brittany Rescue community finds out that this book is also going to be used as a small fundraising “event” for them. A portion of all of the digital and print sales from Love Always Wags Its Tail will be donated to them.  It’s a sweet note to end the week on.

Except for one last thing: if you’d like to order a copy of the paperback version of my book, you can find it here on Amazon.  As always,  I love hearing from you, so don’t forget to come back and let me know which essay you liked the best. Better yet, share what you think with the community of dog lovers on Amazon by writing a review! For which I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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