There’s Grace in Every Step, Including Euthanasia

"black great dane sitting in the grass with red haired woman"

One perfect moment.

Last Friday, with all of his human family present, we laid our sweet Jasper to rest. This morning, I wrote a thank you note to everyone at Brighton Animal Hospital:

“We would never be able to take care of our animals without all of you. Losing Jasper was something we didn’t think would happen as quickly as it did. Each and every one of you helped us with such kindness and consummate professionalism. There’s grace in every step, including euthanasia.”

It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve done this.  Lovingly helping our pets to die which releases their spirits to the eternal Grace that waits for all of us, is the final best thing that we can do. When I’ve grieved to where I can sort through this, I’ll have some things to say.


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