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Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s “that thing’ we love to hate when we get locked out of our own account because some cyberspace gremlin decides to mess with our page or it’s that amazingly fast connection we can make with a true kindred spirit.  In less than 48 hours, I’ve been blessed.

When I finished yesterday’s post about Susan Kottwitz’s amazing story and sat back and read it one last time before hitting the publish button, I was dumbfounded. There, in her own words, was her story of how she’d built a jewelry business around the love she had for her dogs – a business that she runs from home around the demands of farming and, more recently, some pretty challenging family health issues.  If you’re feeling like your dream is slipping from your hands, read that post. If you want something bad enough, lean on her story on the days when you’re not sure if you can pull yours off.

Which is kind of what I went through today – feeling like I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that I was holding on to. So I did what any other self-respecting person would do: I got lost in a book. Not just any book. A book that I found through one of my amazingly powerful online communities: a group of passionate bloggers who hang out online.  Here’s how that happened.

Yesterday, during one of my ten minute breaks from writing, I checked out the email threads from one of the Blog Paws forums I’m on. One of the bloggers who’d made a comment caught my attention and with a click, my computer screen blinked and I was looking at her web site. Over to the left side of the screen, was a book cover. The title (in pink font) was designed to whet my appetite: What The Dog Ate.  Another click over to the sales page on Amazon followed by another click to peek inside and I’m greedily reading the first two sentences:

The vet handed Maggie Baxter a specimen bag containing a pair of size-tiny, lavender thong panties extracted from her dog, but they were not hers. Or rather, they were hers now since she’d just paid $734 to have Dr Carter surgically remove them from Kona’s gut.   (excerpt from Chapter One of Jackie Bouchard’s first novel, What The Dog Ate.)

That was enough for me. One more click and I’d bought the book!

I read the first five chapters this morning when I was in my own creative funk and then, wrapping my “what the hell” attitude around my shoulders like a warm, hooded sweatshirt, I read the entire book. It was lovely. I met characters that I wanted to know in real life, and found myself rooting for Maggie to get her life together, which she did with the help of a goofy, loveable canine sidekick, two best friends and her family.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds writes.  Guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

Without too much thought, I grabbed the link to her book from Amazon, and copy/pasted it onto my Happy Dog Tails fan page and left a message on Jackie Bouchard’s writer fan page that I’d “shared some luv.” Then, it dawned on me that in less than 48 hours, I’d featured two amazing women on HDT: two women who love dogs who were both able to figure out what they were good at and how to get paid for it. Not a bad gig, if you ask me. Wait. Didn’t I do that too?

Thinking of these two women reminded me of why I started Healing Rescue Dogs almost three years ago – that dogs really can change our lives … if we listen. This sounds easy enough but what it requires is a lot of personal growth: really digging into who you are to find out what you need to change so that you emerge from all of that work as a better human than you used to be. And that “aha” moment took me back over to my Happy Dog Tails fan page where I stared at the words that I’d written to describe it. Something was missing. My goal when I first created it was to make it be a “community” and naturally, a community of dog lovers came to mind. But after looking at how closely my post about Jackie’s book came right after Sue’s story, I decided that there might just be a larger purpose for this page.

And after much thought I tweaked the description of my page, coming up with what I believe describes the kind of community that I’d like to build. What do you think?

Happy Dog Tails!

Exploring the relationship between people and dogs; that powerful connection can change YOU into a better human if you know how to listen. Some folks call this “self development.” And it is … with a canine twist!

I wrote a book about this called Love Always Wags Its Tail. That book started so many conversations with readers that I decided to start a Facebook page where we could celebrate lots of other stories like the ones I was listening to. I can’t wait to hear yours.

So, welcome to Happy Dog Tails where we aim to inspire you to reach out, grab onto and hold fast to your dream, whatever it is.

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Find us on Facebook

I hope you like it and that you decide to join us. If you’ve already achieved your dream, we want and need to hear about it. If you’re still trying to figure your dream out, some of us know what that’s like. We might be able to help. If we can’t help, we can listen. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.



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    Thanks, Kathy, for writing such lovely things about my novel. I’m so glad it “spoke” to you. I think there are many people out there trying to find their passion in life. Some are lucky to have already found it, like your post on Sue. Others of us (like myself!) take a little longer. Like Maggie, I was an accountant and an analyst for a long time – and it fed my bank account but not my soul. Trying to “follow the dream” now and be a writer – a writer who (almost always!) incorporates dogs into her work. My next book that I’m working feverishly to finish up is a fictionalized version of my last dog, Abby and her journey with cancer. The fictionalized version of her in the novel has a huge impact on the woman that rescues her, just like she had a huge impact on my life.

    Great idea for your mission for your blog!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Monday Mischief: Some Bunny Loves YouMy Profile

    • Kathy says

      It was my pleasure, Jackie! As for “following dreams,” I think there are quite a few of us who “came late” to wanting to satisfy our heart’s desires. I’d written all of my life but didn’t really put the idea for my first book together until I hit my own ‘career wall,” and finally figured out that what I wanted to do was to write about the dogs that I’d shared (and share) my life with. I can so empathize with your first dog, Abby – losing one to bone cancer is heart-breaking: I lost three to bone cancer over seven years and I’m only now beginning to write about what that was like.

      As for sharing a part of my blog with women who have found ways to creatively express who they are around loving dogs, I can’t think of any finer company to keep.

        • Kathy says

          That was back in the day when I was the Volunteer Director for an ex-racing greyhound adoption program. (All 3 were retired greyhounds … it’s the story I’m not sure I want to write yet. Or maybe I do if I “dressed it up as fiction” – amazing dogs and some pretty colorful human characters – from track owners to kennel “dog men,” to volunteers.) I’ve had almost 20 years to put it all into perspective. I might do all of it again just for the dogs.

          • Kathy says

            I’ve certainly thought about it over the years but right now, the “energy” to create it isn’t strong. When I wrote Love Always Wags Its Tail, I “fell into” such a zen place of being; there was both a physical and emotional fixation with the writing process that made me feel so alive. That’s kind of my gage for the second book: does the concept have that same feel about it, almost like the writing of it “is meant to be.” Does that sound odd to you?

  2. says

    I need more coffee to be articulate, but I feel a strong need to say: yes. Yes. YES!

    I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotations – from Yael Lachman – and it has been a sort of mantra for me for many years. “Go out, right now, and plant yourself in the middle of that which you love most – the thing within you that is most alive. Now listen carefully, because as that love cracks your heart open, it will tell you exactly what this world needs from you. This is your work, and it cannot wait. Make it big this time. Make it so.”

    • Kathy says

      Sue, this is a beautiful, powerful quote. I think I will have to paint it on my wall where I can see it. Every day. I know that this is what happened to me – that “love cracks your heart open,” just describes where I found myself a few years ago when I really questioned my purpose; what could I do that would not only resonate deeply with me but that would offer value to other people. Interestingly enough, the only other ‘career” I had that gave me the same kind of inexplicable joy and profound satisfaction that writing does for me was teaching. My final “test” for myself? I loved teaching so much that I’d have done it for free. I feel the same way about my writing. Bless you for knowing the perfect quote to bring to this conversation.

  3. says

    Yes you certainly did feature two amazing women and what a coincidence that we are featuring Sue soon as well (and have in the past) AND we reviewed Jackie’s FABULOUS book which remains one of our faves to this day. Our review is on our side bar of our blog under “Barking Book Reviews”
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…A special birthday wish!!My Profile

    • Kathy says

      Bless your heart for noticing that it truly is a small world and that the individual paths we’re on have those moments when they all intersect in the same place. Rather than “coincidence,” I like to think of it more as “great minds think alike.” :)

    • Kathy says

      That’s the other part: the discipline of sitting down and writing every day. Sometimes that feeling comes ten minutes into whatever I’m writing. Sometimes, it takes its time – showing up when I’m not looking for it.

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