April: Gardens And a Very Special Birthday

April’s almost over. Finally, we’re seeing signs of spring.  Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned up the shade garden on the far said of the garage. It’s one of the more gratifying things to do because the garden is small, so not a lot to do. Thinking that (finally) this spring, we’ll contact the guy who fenced our yard to ask if he can fence the one open side that I lovingly call my “white trash fence line,” – the small section of rolled out wire fence that’s better suited for a  more rural landscape. Might be time to pretty things up. Just a bit.

"April flowers at base of fir tree"

April flowers.

Today’s the last day of pet care-taking for my neighbors down the street. Grabbing my camera,  I left my house at 6:20AM, said hello to a woman walking her dog on the opposite side of the street, and made my way down the street.  It’s also my son’s 27th birthday. He’s got today and tomorrow off from work – his dad and I are taking the day off too. It’s time to deliberately stop and remember the important things: family love and the beauty that’s all around us.


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