Green Is The Color of my Neighborhood. Life is Good.

"dogwood tree with white blossoms"

One beautiful May morning.

My neighborhood is greening up, the dogs are lounging in the back yard instead of zooming around like crazed speed merchants; windows are open, skiess are blue and there’s a bumper crop of dandelions sprouting up faster than you can say, “Wow. Look at that.”

Once again, we’ve come out of winter to an early spring. It’s good to be here.

The farmer’s market opened last Saturday which brought back one of my favorite vendors, Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy. This year I’m determined to bring more of Mindy’s meticulously crafted essential oils into my home and to sing her praises to my friends.  I’ve been so entrenched in my own “stuff” that I’ve gotten out of the habit of publicly supporting my friends.  Hopefully, you’ll see more of Mindy here on my blog. She and I have been casually talking about how essential oils can help calm anxious dogs. I offered up some space on my blog so that Mindy can share what she knows.  I’m looking forward to that. And to more days like this.



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