11 Random Thoughts: dogs, bird nests, road trips and getting unstuck

1.  Over the long Memorial Day weekend, Gracie discovers that she likes to hide out in the poppies, hunkered down where she can’t be seen. She also likes to stretch out in the dirt, chase bugs, and bug Tessa.  She (Gracie) continues to be the quietest dog in the back yard. More quiet than my whippet, Josephine, which is hard to do because Josephine is really, really quiet.

2.  A nest filled with 5 robin eggs can bring a gardening project to its knees.    "bird nest in hedge"

3.  Happiness is a fenced yard when the weather takes a turn for the worse and it rains, almost non-stop, for three days.

4.  There is life after clicker training.

5.  Hard to decide: do I like the smell of lilacs more than I like the smell of a homemade peach pie that’s cooling in the front hall?

"miss kim lilac bush in bloom"

6.  When it’s hot, the best times to walk your (my) dogs are early in the morning or after the sun goes down.

7.  Road trips, however short or long, give you a different point of view.

8.  When you’re feeling stuck, take your dog for a walk.

9.  Expect that there are days when you will feel stuck.

10. And, know that it’s okay; that if you poke and prod, if you keep at it, you’ll get yourself unstuck.

11. I promise.

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