A Penny For Your Thoughts

When I started Healing Rescue Dogs, I didn’t call myself a “pet blogger.” My intent was to brand myself as a story teller who just happened to know enough about dogs to be able to write about them. And, that’s what I’ve been doing, one post and (finally) one book, at a time.  Certainly I had a whole repertoire of subjects to choose from. Having burned out on the world of small business with all of its 9-5 drama, that was the last thing I wanted to write about. But, I’d put enough time in (10-12 years) that I had enough authenticity experience to write about that. Just not on a daily basis.  A penny for my thoughts, right?

I’ve been married for almost 30 years. Lots of great subject matter there. (Lots of pennies!) But, my husband didn’t sign on to make our marriage be an open book, so how I’m going to write about that is still something I think about.  I took the plunge (sort of) when I wrote my first book. About dogs.

Dogs have always been easy. Easy to live with. Easy to write about. They’re great teachers and friends. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know about Gracie. She’s the pit bull terrier mixed breed dog/American Staffordshire Terrier (we think) that my son adopted from a local shelter in April.  This is a new (to me) breed type and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know her and to watch my son just be with her.

Once, I can find the hook – the “life lesson,” the larger purpose beyond just telling the story, it’s easy to write the narrative essay; always wanting to touch someone else. It was like this for me. Was it like that for you?

A penny for your thoughts.

Lately, I’ve been pushing the envelope – my envelope – pushing myself to examine just a few more topics. Not so surprising to me, I’m stepping outside of writing about dogs. Surprising to some people who know me for everything on Healing Rescue Dogs but, not so surprising to friends who’ve known me longer.  You can find two of my more recent essays here on Medium, a site that’s still in beta calling itself  ” … a better place to read and write things that matter.” Like a lot of things online, I found out about Medium because someone else was touting it on one of the Social Media platforms. If you want to get away from all of the white noise on some of the more infamous Social Media hang outs – if you’re curious and have a voracious reader’s appetite, you might enjoy what Medium serves up. No pennies. It’s free.

As for me, I’ll still be writing about dogs. But, I’ll also be spreading my wings and writing about “other stuff,” because the goal was always to write about what I knew then, what I know now and what I can find out about.  Two months ago, I went to hear Cheryl Strayed read from her novel Wild as part of The College At Brockport’s Writer’s Forum. Wild is memoir and most of Strayed’s comments focused on memoir as an art form (you know: literature as art). But, of course, writing in any form/style should strive to raise itself to the level of art. She said that part of being a writer is “…learning how to be fearless; to be open on the page.” Being creatively fearless is wild and crazy! I don’t think I’ll trade it for anything.

Now: a penny. For your thoughts.


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