Gracie: Up Close And Personal.

"pit bull terier"Gracie, up close and personal. Enjoying the first of two afternoon sun bathing sessions.

Now that she’s staked out her spot, near the garage, she’s almost ready to lay down, always keeping one eye open to check out whatever catches her interest.

I haven’t told her about winter. Yet.

Maybe, she’ll surprise me and be one of those dogs that likes the cold weather.

Wonder how that works for dogs that hate getting wet? At the first sign of rain, Gracie heads for the back door.

Snow might be different. Because what Gracie really likes are her walks. She heads out in the morning, after breakfast, with her person. Then, she patiently waits for him to come home at night so that the two of them can head back out. Into the neighborhood. Down one street and up the next. To date, she’s a prancing fool. While other dogs strain at the end of their leashes, or furiously bark at her, Gracie waltz’s by. Unless she decides she wants to play. She likes to walk fast. Walking fast makes her so happy that she snorts.

Last night, she met Smitty, the Bernese Mountain dog that lives up the street. He wanted to play Bernese Mountain dog style. Gracie wanted to box. Smitty looked confused. Gracie just grinned and pranced on home.

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