A Perfect Summer Day: Lake Ontario at Webster Park!

Saturday’s road trip: Webster Park, a straight shot north on Rt 250, hang a left where it ‘t’s into Lake Road, another left onto a short (paved) incline that leads into a generous parking lot that literally bumps into Lake Ontario with nothing between you and the horizon except fresh water as far as your eyes can see.

"Lake Ontario, Webster Park, Webster, NY

It was a perfect summer day! There was a stiff wind blowing up white caps, pulling up choppy waves that slapped against the concrete barrier wall. After a week of my (small) village life, standing on the edge of Lake Ontario filled my soul and made my heart sing.

The algae was a thick, slimy blanket of goo turning the water brown scenting the air with a briny perfume.

That we live in a breathtakingly gorgeous are of New York state never ceases to amaze me. May I never take this good life for granted. 

What I’ve realized is that spending too much time chasing business online has dulled my senses, mostly because I’ve been doing more chasing than I am catching anything. The internet (ie Social Media) can be pretty addictive. Perhaps you’ve noticed that? For me, its clouded my view of things and hasn’t always been productive. 

The view is SO much more inspiring offline!






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