Amazing Fleece Dog Blanket

"female pit bull miexed breed dog wears lilac colored fleece dog blanket"Gracie’s new fleece dog blanket seems to be the talk of the neighborhood – at least among those hardy souls who are still walking their dogs, despite the cold weather. So, for our neighbors who are asking my son where we got it, here’s the link to the online page of For the Western Horseman where we placed our order.

We ordered two: Gracie’s is an XXLarge and Tessa, our 20 pound Min Pin mixed breed, has a Large.

We called the 800 number to make sure that we were measuring correctly. You may want to do the same. (Never would have dreamed that my tiny Tessa would fit a Large, but she does.)

We receive no financial reimbursement for this “online commercial.” As a matter of fact, the company has no idea that we’re posting this. We did put this photo of Gracie up on their Facebook page as our raving fan testimonial.

We’ve been buying dog coats for 20-plus years and, this fleece dog blanket is amazing!

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