Healing Rescue Dogs Transitions Into A Dance on the Autism Spectrum

"Healing Rescue Dogs, blogger" Healing Rescue Dogs and the autism spectrum: just how did two seemingly different topics come together on a blog that started out as a way for me to share stories about the dogs that changed my life?

Clearly, there’s a transition taking place. If I can make that transition work here, on Healing Rescue Dogs, remains to be seen. I’ll always be able to connect the dogs to my life and, if you’ve been following along, to my son’s life.

But the story that’s been pushing itself ahead of the dog stories is how together, my son and I are learning how to dance on the autism spectrum. It’s a mom/son partnership because advocating for him is a role I’ve had since he was born.

Yes, there’s a husband/dad who shares the advocacy role. He and I are slowly helping our 28 year old autistic (ASD) son to advocate for himself.

And, that’s the larger story. The story that’s clamoring to be told. The story that I didn’t want to write because I had a lot of mixed emotions. The story that my son was very reluctant to talk about. The story that I couldn’t tell unless he was ready to share some of it with a larger audience – through me.

Because, just like his dad, he’s an introverted kind of guy who’d rather not talk about how he feels. Unlike his dad, he can get tangled up with the fluency of words on some topics. That’s part of his Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder.

Writing about that started here on Healing Rescue Dogs. My goal is to reach a larger audience so I’ll be taking my message out into the world, starting with guest blog posts. Which might be why you’re here.

Thank you for that – for reading one of my guest blog posts  and taking the time to track me back to where everything began. I’ve got a lot more writing to do because my mission, with your help, is to build support networks for adults on the autism spectrum who want meaningful jobs and places to live where their independence is encouraged.

It’s time to tell this story. It’s time to make changes out in our communities. If you’d like to come along, you’ll want to join my newsletter so that you’ll be kept in the loop. Together, we can start something amazing that will change the lives of our sons and daughters who live and dance on the autism spectrum.



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