Greyhound Dogs For Adoption – The Homestretch


[gplus count="true" size="Medium" ]We floated in that anticipatory space of waiting to hear from the greyhound adoption folks about the ex-racer that they had picked for us.  What could we do to make the most of this interim time? We bought a crate and we got estimates for what it would cost to fence our very spacious side yard.  We got excited. Three weeks after that firstphone call with Annie, we heard from her again.  Our dog, a three year old, fawn male named Comanche was ready for … [Read more...]

Ex-Racing Greyhound Adoption – Follow Your Heart


[gplus count="true" size="Medium" ]It was one of those perfect summer afternoon's when we pulled into the parking lot for Lollypop Farm.  The sky was a robin's egg blue.  It was hot.  Not so hot that the dogs in the ex-pens scattered across the lawn of the animal shelter would be uncomfortable. We'd been lured out because of a promotional event taking place over the weekend.  Volunteers with several breed specific rescue organizations would be available to talk to the public.  Having … [Read more...]

Greyhound Dogs For Adoption – The Journey of a Lifetime

[gplus count="true" size="Medium" ]Sometimes, the death of one dog opens the door for another.  Little did I realize that losing our first Great Dane to cancer would open the door for over 200 ex-racing greyhounds to enter our lives. The grief when you euthanize a beloved pet twists and wrenches your heart into a searing pain before imploding in on itself.  You walk into an empty house during the middle of the day, slamming into the silence that didn't used to be in the six years of coming … [Read more...]

Men And Dogs


I sit on the step with my back against the door leading into the garage and watch three dogs and my husband in various stages of laziness in the back yard.  As I watch our 8 year old Great Dane, find his tennis ball and lumber back into the shade while our almost 13 year old whippet stretches out in the sun next to me as the almost 3 year old Tessa, our mixed bag of what we think is a sighthound cross breed,  bounces about, I seriously wonder just what is it about men and dogs? Maybe not all … [Read more...]

Small Dog Syndrome – Pint-Size Super Star

Tiny Super Star

[gplus count="true" size="Medium" ]Long before the phrase "small dog syndrome" was coined as a recognized factor among dog lovers, I knew some of what this phrase alluded to. Yappy, ill-behaved and very tiny dogs that were hard to house train, exhibited separation anxiety, and effectively called the shots in their households. And I knew that I was never going to have one of those because, c'mon now. They weren't really dogs. How could anything weighing under 18 pounds be taken seriously as a … [Read more...]

Lost Dogs – What Do They Tell Us?

Lost Dog

The dinner hour is approaching and it’s been raining since early morning. The ground is soaked and there’s no sign of let up. Water ponds across the street at the foot of my driveway. Somewhere in the distance, commuter traffic fans out over dark ribbons of highways and back roads. It’s time for me to go. I’ll be smart, I say to myself as I back slowly out of my driveway. If I cut through the village park and circle around the main streets, I can get to the north side of town without any … [Read more...]

Review of “Scent of the Missing,” by Susannah Charleson

If you've ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes leading up to a search and rescue mission, Scent of the Missing, by Susannah Charleson, is the book for you. Charleson tells her own story as a volunteer with a local canine unit.  Her narrative begins when she has already logged three years as a field assistant with a search-and-rescue (SAR) team and is thinking about taking the next step. That step is to take "...the next open slot to train and run beside a search dog.  Having … [Read more...]

Women And Dogs – My Mom’s Legacy to Me

My mom

My mom loved dogs. She didn’t ever take them to obedience classes yet hers were always fun to be around, good with kids and never aggressive.  She liked cocker spaniels and mutts. My earliest memories include her dogs.  There was Maggie, a non-descript, black dog with silky, curly hair and a long plume of a tail.  That dog raised my two younger brothers.  Well, she thought she did. And there was G-Co (pronounced  like the letter ‘g’ and co was short for “company.”) G-Co was a … [Read more...]

The One-Step Action Plan That Ensures A Rescue Dog’s Forever Home

In a perfect world, everybody lives happily ever after – including dogs.  Sadly, the millions of dogs that end up in animal shelters are testimony to a scarier reality. “We didn’t know it would grow to be so large.” “The landlord said I had to give him up.” “We have to move.” “With the new baby, we don’t have time.” “Allergies.” We are a casual, throw-away society and the evidence is written on the cards attached to the kennel runs of the dogs that are housed in animal shelters … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Healing Power of Rescue Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

I can't remember ever living without dogs - my mom's dogs, neighbor dogs, or dogs I borrowed from friends during those first years on my own when I was renting and couldn't have my own dog. Dogs are as natural and necessary to me as breathing is both natural and necessary for me to live.  You could say that DOG is hard-wired into my DNA. I lived with dogs for half of my life before I finally understood that they have this amazing ability to teach us about ourselves ... if we are open and … [Read more...]