Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue Groups Are Not For Wimps

"three exracing greyhounds running"

Animal shelters and animal rescue groups have been working together for a long time to move dogs and cats into pet homes. One rescue group, Nuts For Mutts, a relative newcomer to animal rescue in Rochester, NY, was holding an adoption event at PetSaver on Monroe Avenue yesterday. Theirs was a small event: three people with three dogs tucked behind a table at the back of the store. If you believe that any dog weighing less than 15 pounds isn't "really a dog," (my husband and every other lover … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Is Really A Cat That Lives With Me!

"black cat laying on table top jpg"

Donald Trump is alive and well, living in my house disguised as a domestic short hair, black cat with a crooked tail and a bad ass attitude. Which is why our Am Staff (aka pit bull terrier mixed breed), Gracie, has yet to have free roaming rights inside despite the fact that we adopted her last April.  Just so you know, we're well versed in multi-pet households. We've had dogs and cats living happily under one roof for 20 plus years. We are really good at mingling critters. This go round … [Read more...]

Anaphylactic Shock in Dogs is Scary.

Anaphylactic shock strikes fast and deadly if you don't react immediately, even if you don't know what you're looking at as you run out of your back door because your son yelled that you needed to come outside now because Gracie, his Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed dog, couldn't get up. Two days ago,  in the back yard,, after a joyous romp with Tessa (our Min Pin mixed breed dog), after which Gracie trailed behind my son as he walked around the yard, she threw up twice before falling over on her … [Read more...]

Gracie: Up Close And Personal.

Happy Dog Tails

Gracie, up close and personal. Enjoying the first of two afternoon sun bathing sessions. Now that she's staked out her spot, near the garage, she's almost ready to lay down, always keeping one eye open to check out whatever catches her interest. I haven't told her about winter. Yet. Maybe, she'll surprise me and be one of those dogs that likes the cold weather. Wonder how that works for dogs that hate getting wet? At the first sign of rain, Gracie heads for the back door. Snow … [Read more...]

What Makes a Dog be a Good Therapy Dog?

"female American Staffordshire terrier pit bull terrier"

When we adopted Gracie, we wondered if she'd make a good therapy dog - a dog that would walk calmly into a library filled with elementary school age kids all waiting to have a great interactive reading experience with her. Or perhaps, she'd be good with slightly older kids and adults. What do you think? Doesn't she look like a happy, confident dog? She is confident, when she's in a place that she knows. Like our back yard. This is where we walked her, sat with her, and slowly began to play … [Read more...]