Think Like Your Dog And Enjoy The Rewards – Join the Conversation

"book-cover of Think Like Your Dog, by Dianna m Young"

Thinking about Think Like Your Dog And Enjoy The Rewards, by Dianna M Young with Robert H Mottram  Before you casually dismiss Think Like Your Dog as old fashioned because the author, Dianna M Young, uses the words "dominant" and "alpha" to describe dogs, consider her more than 30 years of professional experience and accomplishments. Then, remember, as you read, that her training message is one of balance and choice with the end goal " ... to build a relationship with your dog that is … [Read more...]

Amazing Fleece Dog Blanket

"female pit bull terrier mixed breed dog wearing lilac colored fleece dog blanket"

Gracie's new fleece dog blanket seems to be the talk of the neighborhood - at least among those hardy souls who are still walking their dogs, despite the cold weather. So, for our neighbors who are asking my son where we got it, here's the link to the online page of For the Western Horseman where we placed our order. We ordered two: Gracie's is an XXLarge and Tessa, our 20 pound Min Pin mixed breed, has a Large. We called the 800 number to make sure that we were measuring correctly. You … [Read more...]

Victoria Stilwell’s Dog Book Teaches Self-Development & Leadership

"photo of one Victoria Stilwelll book and two John C maxwell books"

Like many of her peers, Victoria Stilwell understands what it takes to develop awesome, healthy relationships with dogs. Understand, communicate effectively, always be positive and consistent.  Embrace life long learning.  She says, "A good relationship is based on cooperation, not dominance." Why is it that humans mess this up? What is it about the human condition that guarantees each one of us will fail, not just once, but many times before we get this right? Stilwell didn't think she … [Read more...]

“I’m Just A Guy Who Got Hit By A Car And Started Pup Protector – A Pet Products Company”

Pup Protector - LED dog collars

  At first glance, Trevor looks like your above average guy: brown eyes, sandy-colored hair, and just the hint of a smile. You'd never know by looking at his photograph that three years ago, he became an accident statistic as he walked his dog, Naraku, in his neighborhood. Trevor Jensen describes what happened that fateful day: "It was early in the morning and Naraku and I were doing our normal 4 mile loop.  We were almost home and waited at the crosswalk for the light to turn … [Read more...]

Author Self-Publishes First Children’s Book

"Book cover Merlin The Cat Who Thought He Wasn't by Heidi L Schlatter

One author loved animals so much that she wrote and self published a children's book about a cat that thinks its a dog. She'll tell you that writing the story was the easy part. Everything that came afterwards took careful planning and finding out all about self publishing. Although she hasn't figured it all out, she's off to a great start which I decided made her a great prospect for my next interview in my Q&A Interview series of women-owned, pet friendly businesses. My hope for you is … [Read more...]