Happy Dog Tails!

Happy Dog Tails

There's a lot more going on off this blog than on it, this month: some stories are finally ending and some are about to begin. Remember the writing contest that HRD co-sponsored with the Fairport Public Library? Well, all good things come to those who wait and, finally, the grand prize winner gets to see her story in print in the December 2012 issue of Rochester Woman magazine. It's so exciting to see what happens when a little girl becomes a published writer. In fact, the folks at the … [Read more...]

On The Cusp: Connections Between Special Needs Dogs And Special Needs Kids


This is one of my favorite photos of Suzy for so many reasons. Looking at her, you have no idea that when she was alive, she was a fear biter and, she was dog aggressive.  She lived on the cusp of what was acceptable/ safe behavior that,  if unchecked, would get her into serious trouble. I knew the triggers that acted like invisible switches that would move her into the red zone.  Figuring this out took some time, but once I realized that her behavior was predictable, I could defuse what … [Read more...]

Pet Connections: Teachers And Students Together.


Life is kinda cool when you're a dog in the Pet Connection program out at the Ontario Arc. You get your own bones to chew, lots of attention and people to brush out your fur. Which is what happened last Friday when I went out to visit Brutus volunteer. Friday was one of those weather-perfect spring days when there was no better place to be than outside, especially if you're a dog with a double coat that needed to be brushed. And brushed.  Before Brutus' dog trainers-in-training had … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To My Son

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Happy Birthday to my darling son! Today, you are 26 years old. Before your day officially starts, I thought I'd spend some time with you here. To thank you for being in my life. It's hard to believe that we've come this far. I swear it was just yesterday when were living in the city, I was pregnant with you and walking my neighborhood with you visibly inside me alongside of Diamond, our very grown up, very large and imposing Great Dane. The thing about pregnant women is that the farther … [Read more...]

Pet Connections Introduces Brutus – Through Gail’s Eyes

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This charming, clear-eyed, black beauty is Brutus. He's a two year old lab-mix that has the honor to be the very first canine to go through the Pet Connection program offered through the Ontario ARC. They say that the eyes are the window of the soul and looking into Brutus' eyes, I feel in my heart that that's true. I haven't met him yet but because there is so much excitement out in Ontario about this young dog, I wanted to at least introduce you to him and to tell you about him through … [Read more...]