Love Always Wags Its Tail Has A Pinterest Board!

"Love Always Wags Its Tail ebook cover"

This morning I started a board over on Pinterest for a behind-the-scene look at some of the places that I write about in Love Always Wags Its Tail.  I remember, my brother telling me that the only photograph that my book needed was a professional photograph for the cover of a dog that was going to be the universal symbol for all dogs; that if my writing was strong, it should stand on its own; finally, if I insisted on using photos throughout the book, they all needed to be taken by a … [Read more...]

Loose Leash Walking In The Front Garden With Gracie.

"miss Kim lilac bush blooms"

Loose leash walking is easier said than done with a new dog, especially one, like Gracie, our American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed breed?), who loves to pull because there's so much to see and do and sniff. What she really wants to do is play with the dogs that she sees out walking with their owners in our Norman Rockwell - looking neighborhood.  We know that Gracie likes dogs but my neighbors, who haven't met her yet, look at her and see the stereotype pit bull dog that they "know" isn't dog … [Read more...]

The House on the Corner, Pet Sitting, Gracie And More

" 2 story house on tree shaded lot"

  This house sits on the corner at the end of my street. Years ago, I knew the couple that lived there. She had Great Danes. He had two vintage Rolls Royce cars. The fence hiding the house from view was a stockade one, stained a light beige. The family that lives there now has regular cars, a Collie and (I think) a Boxer. Both dogs have beautiful yard manners, quietly coming up to fence to poke their noses through to sniff the dogs on the other side. I took this photo earlier in … [Read more...]

“There Was Something About Him. We Couldn’t Let Him Die.”

"Male brindle pit bull mix breed needs home or foster

Sometimes your heart knows before conscious thought can start its argument. You find yourself besotted with a photograph of a dog that, like a spear thrown with dead eye accuracy, lodges in your heart and says, "Pay attention to me." If you stay in dog rescue long enough, you'll fall umder this exact same spell. Over time, you'll learn to trust that jolt of awareness because of what you learn the first time. What you learn is that there are always going to be those one-of-a-kind dogs that steal … [Read more...]

Yes, ma’am. I Am An Author!

":Love Always Wags Its Tail"

Years ago, when I was taking poetry writing workshops, rubbing shoulders with poets and writers, other graduate students and wanna-be authors, one very wise woman explained to me that there is a confidence that settles itself like a warm blanket around the shoulders of someone who has just published that first book.  She might have left out the part about the "warm blanket" but she was spot on about the confidence.  It crackles like electricity, shoots from the soles of your feet to burst like … [Read more...]