She’s a Wanna-be Great Dane Masquerading as a Cava Chon

Mia's visit 037

This is Mia.  She's been a house guest with my family for five days.  Today is Day Six.   When she came, she had a LOT of work to do.  She had to figure out what all of the great doggy smells in her new back yard meant. And, then she  had to meet THREE new dogs! And after THAT, she had to say good-bye to her human family because she was going to be staying with MY family for NINE whole days. Mia was okay with that.  In fact, she was so EXCITED to meet some new canine buds that she … [Read more...]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

"Hinckley reservoir morning coffee"

 With some variation on the water level of the lake, this is the view I enjoy every morning during that first week in August we spend up in the Adirondacks.  My son will tell you that we've been coming here since 2004.  Then he'll pause while we look at each other.  Can that be right A friend of my husband’s had rented the cottage for himself that first summer.  One night he called, offering the time he’d reserved to us, explaining that after what we’d gone through as a family over the past … [Read more...]