Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder: Parenting Secrets Revealed

Wanna know a secret? Asperger's Syndrome Disorder was never a topic I wanted to write about. Until my son graduated from high school and started working. That's when I discovered that what's in place for young adults on the autism spectrum transitioning out of  high school into the work place kinda really sucks. That pissed me off. I'd been parenting for almost 30 years. Part of me wanted to stop. Part of me knew that just as my son was transitioning into a new space, I'd have to … [Read more...]

Healing Rescue Dogs Transitions Into A Dance on the Autism Spectrum

Healing Rescue Dogs and the autism spectrum: just how did two seemingly different topics come together on a blog that started out as a way for me to share stories about the dogs that changed my life? Clearly, there's a transition taking place. If I can make that transition work here, on Healing Rescue Dogs, remains to be seen. I'll always be able to connect the dogs to my life and, if you've been following along, to my son's life. But the story that's been pushing itself ahead of the dog … [Read more...]

A Pit Bull Terrier Named Gracie Dances With My Son on the Autism Spectrum

"pit bull terrier laying in grass"

One year ago almost to the day was when I first saw the six month old pit bull terrier that we would adopt and rename Gracie. She was in a down with her big, blocky head cradled between her two front paws, as far back as she could get from the front of the kennel run. It was noisy. Most animal shelters are. Everything that I knew about her came from listening to my son. He'd noticed her when she first appeared at the shelter in January. Now, almost three months later, at my son's … [Read more...]

Learn to let go, to trust yourself, to speak your truth without hurting others; to be

1.  Learn to Let Go New beginnings for my son. He's enrolled in a vocational program over on the west side of the city to get his CDL (commercial driver's license). After three class sessions, today's the day he takes the test to get his learner's permit. When I realized that he'd be driving on Rt 490 every day, I settled my heart and asked God to keep him safe. It's not that I worry about my son's driving ability - I worry about other people. 2. Learning ... If someone had told me … [Read more...]

10 Greyt Reasons Why Ex-Racing Greyhounds Make Great Pets

"ex-rcing greyhound laying in dog crage"

One of my best friends just adopted her third ex-racing greyhound. Her immediate problem was that he didn't know how to go up and down stairs. For most ex-racing greyhounds right off the track, this is their biggest challenge. Once, they figure this out, they fall easily into household routines. "Did I want to come over to meet him?" she asked. I grabbed my camera and slipped out the front door. From what I can tell (and I've been out of the greyhound business for many years), the … [Read more...]