Zen And The Art of Loving Dogs

"graphic pix of great dane in play bow"

Hello, downward facing dog! I've missed you.  It's been such a long time since I've unrolled my mat, breathed deep, cleared my mind and let myself settle into a focused, calm state; all preparation for you.  Just so you know, it will be a while before my body moves easily between poses with the fluid grace of water sliding over stones in a stream. But you know this: you take me as I am each day that I show up to listen to myself, to coax my body to do what feels right, to work with my breath to … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend Begins.


Memorial Day weekend:  hot days, cool nights sitting outside on front porches shadowed in twilight. Cemetery visits. Conveniently, White Haven cemetery is across from the Powers Market where red, white and blue carnations are for sale along with three different sizes of the American flag-on-a-balsam stick,  suitable for grave sites. I choose the large size flag and find a plastic bouquet  of flowers. Not the patriotic carnations. As a silent nod to  my grandmother, I pick the bunch that … [Read more...]

Everything Old Can Become New Again

Wreathes and balls 010

Sometimes,  everything that's old can be new again.  Like this Christmas wreath.  You'd never know from looking at it, that it is 30-plus years old.   Really. My dad bought it Back In The Day.  Back in the day when I was still a kid.  Living with four siblings,  our mom and our dad, and the requisite number of cats and dogs. We had chaotic and busy holidays.  Five kids will naturally do that. After our parents died, that wreath became part of my inheritance.  It showed up in the mail one … [Read more...]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

"Hinckley reservoir morning coffee"

 With some variation on the water level of the lake, this is the view I enjoy every morning during that first week in August we spend up in the Adirondacks.  My son will tell you that we've been coming here since 2004.  Then he'll pause while we look at each other.  Can that be right A friend of my husband’s had rented the cottage for himself that first summer.  One night he called, offering the time he’d reserved to us, explaining that after what we’d gone through as a family over the past … [Read more...]