When All The World Was Whippets

"white female whippet laying in grassy back yard in the sun"

When all the world was whippets                                                                                              When all the world was whippets, everything I ever wanted was there in the depths of their dark eyes.  Liquid pools of quiet acceptance, grave awareness and, a wink. They were whippets after all. Silly whippersnappers. Alert. Easy; such easy keepers. Leash walking always a graceful waltz. Envious neighbors. Didn't I know it? Felix: my silly … [Read more...]

A Penny For Your Thoughts

"Love Always Wags Its Tail book cover"

When I started Healing Rescue Dogs, I didn't call myself a "pet blogger." My intent was to brand myself as a story teller who just happened to know enough about dogs to be able to write about them. And, that's what I've been doing, one post and (finally) one book, at a time.  Certainly I had a whole repertoire of subjects to choose from. Having burned out on the world of small business with all of its 9-5 drama, that was the last thing I wanted to write about. But, I'd put enough time in (10-12 … [Read more...]

Hinckley Reservoir Inspires Adirondack Lake Dogs Essay in Love Always Wags Its Tail

"Hinckley Reservoir on a sunny August day"

Hinckley Reservoir was my summer inspiration for a series of blog posts I wrote about the lake dogs which morphed into "Adirondack Lake Dogs," one of the essays in my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail. This August would have marked our 11th year at Hinckley.  Sadly, it's not to be. The family that owns the cottage we always rented for the first week in August decided to rent it out for a full year rather than relying on one and two week rentals during the summer season. Can't say I blame them.  … [Read more...]

Love Always Wags Its Tail Has A Pinterest Board!

"Love Always Wags Its Tail ebook cover"

This morning I started a board over on Pinterest for a behind-the-scene look at some of the places that I write about in Love Always Wags Its Tail.  I remember, my brother telling me that the only photograph that my book needed was a professional photograph for the cover of a dog that was going to be the universal symbol for all dogs; that if my writing was strong, it should stand on its own; finally, if I insisted on using photos throughout the book, they all needed to be taken by a … [Read more...]

Hello, American Brittany Spaniel Rescue. It’s Nice to Meet You.

If you're a part of the American Brittany Spaniel Rescue (ABR) organization,  welcome to Healing Rescue Dogs, the home base for my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail.  When I started writing,  I had no idea that I was going to donate a portion of the sales to a dog rescue group.  Like a lot of things that happened during the journey of "birthing" this book,  adding that extra layer of serving an adoption group came as the book neared completion.  There were a lot of rescue groups to choose from. … [Read more...]