Adirondack Cheese Company Owner Speaks Up

Riley-Adk Cheese Co 024

Not that I need an excuse to post another photo of Riley,  but the email I received from Tony Leiker,  the owner of the Adirondack Cheese Company,  proved to be the perfect incentive! Dear Kathy - Thank you so much for the coverage.  We love it when people come in and ask for Riley.  He has been our greeter for many years now and loves people.  Just more proof that certain dogs get bad press due to bad owners. Give dogs love, attention, safety and rules and they will be the … [Read more...]

“Catch me, guys!” How The Real Dogs Play

Mia's visit 049

This is a pretty poor photograph.  In fact,   my brother,  who is a professional wedding photojournalist (that means he's a wedding photographer), would say that it is a TERRIBLE photograph. And, he'd be right. Except for one thing.   Mia. Mia is our house guest for NINE days while her human family is on vacation. Mia is SO happy because, FINALLY, she has a dog to play "Catch me, guys!" and she is running her little heart out.  Go Mia Go!  [gplus count="true" size="Medium" … [Read more...]

Little Dog With a Big Heart

Mia's visit 017

  This is Mia.  She's our house guest and so far, we've been entertaining her for almost three days.   What you can't tell from looking at this photograph,  is that Mia has just spent about 40 minutes (or more) playing all manner of  "Catch me, guys!"  with our dogs. That tongue hanging out was your first clue.  The gleam in her eyes the second.  There are a few blades of grass that you can sort of see near the bottom of the photograph -- they are clue number four. Mia likes grass.  She … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Healing Power of Rescue Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

I can't remember ever living without dogs - my mom's dogs, neighbor dogs, or dogs I borrowed from friends during those first years on my own when I was renting and couldn't have my own dog. Dogs are as natural and necessary to me as breathing is both natural and necessary for me to live.  You could say that DOG is hard-wired into my DNA. I lived with dogs for half of my life before I finally understood that they have this amazing ability to teach us about ourselves ... if we are open and … [Read more...]