Senior Pets Might Have a Message For You

"Whippet Love"

Most of you know that Jasper is the senior (elder) dog on this blog and in my home.  Here he is posing at the top of the stairs just a few months ago, when he was still allowed upstairs. He'll be ten in December and aside from a slowly deteriorating back end - his two hind legs are not as strong as they used to be; although he can still move on his own, he relies more on his front legs to take him where he wants to go. We've convinced him that he's better off sleeping downstairs. Not such … [Read more...]

Seasons Change And The World Still Goes Round.

"Black Great Dane Enjoys Afternoon Sun"

October 31, 2012 It's Halloween and the neighborhood trick or treaters are up and down the sidewalk, some with their parents in tow. It's a great night to be out - there's a nip in the air, the skies are clear. Maybe it will rain later but, for now, pumpkins are lit on front porches and, in this house, Jasper is happy because he thinks that all of door knockers are coming to see him. He's the only dog I've ever know that sits quietly, facing the front door, with his head cocked to one … [Read more...]

What Dogs Want You To Know

Black Great Dane laying in front of grape vines"

We've had a mix of sunny days and overcast, could-be-rain days. We're at the start of October which means that there's still Indian summer to look forward to. And, that means, there will be more days for Jasper to find the perfect spot in the back yard. He does the majestic sit better than any dog in the neighborhood, which is a good thing because he's long past being able to hop up on his back legs so that he can put his front legs on top of the wood fence - so that he can check out the … [Read more...]

Adirondack Summer: Missing My Lake Dog


Each summer, the view of the reservoir lake from the back of the cottage where we stay, inside of the Adirondack Park,  is a tiny bit different ... if you know what to look for. This time, because of the drought, the level of the lake was down about 10-15 feet.  Not a lot of boat traffic unless you live here year round and had put your boat into the water in June or July. That was okay. Our agenda was pretty simple. Escape from work schedules, read lots of books, visit with friends, hike a … [Read more...]

Adirondack Vacation Without Our Dogs


That's my husband and that's my kid ambling way down at the far end of the dock. You'll have to take me on faith - otherwise, how would you know? We took one day out of our Adirondack vacation and drove north, through Old Forge to Inlet and Fourth Lake ... and, here they we are. Old Forge and Inlet are kinda like Freeport, Maine ... close to a large body of water and very touristy during the summer. Lots of families hoping for good weather, but taking what comes without too much complaining … [Read more...]