This Won’t Be A Post About Clicker Training. It Will be a Post About Sunbathing. And Dogs.

"white female whippet laying in grassy back yard in the sun"

This won't be a post about clicker training with my three dogs: the one out of the three that doesn't need it because she's 14 years old with a grade 3 heart murmur which means that she gets a treat for watching the antics of the other two, the one that kinda, sorta, does need it but because she's been with us for four years, she's already grasped the benefits of reward-based training behavior and the one that is enrolled in a "manners" class out at Lollypop Farm for the next six weeks, the … [Read more...]

Tessa Speaks

"Min Pin mixed breed"

So, she's been writing book reviews, waxing poetic about blue barns, and plugging away at writing all of those essays about the dogs that have changed her life. Just when I think she's done, she decides to add one more. One of those essays is about me. I've read it. It's not too bad. You can decide if she's captured the essence of who I am when you read it. I am pretty amazing for a former street stray. And, speaking of street, the word on the street is that part of my mixed DNA, from two … [Read more...]

“Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend … “

"Great Dane and Min Pin mixbreed stand next to each other"

Jasper:         So, here we are. Tessa:           Do you think they can see us? Jasper:          Who? Tessa:            My  fan club. Jasper:          Your fan club? Tessa:            Of course. Jasper:          Ah. Tessa:            Sometimes, they leave presents. Jasper:           Such as? Tessa:             Gift baskets.  An iPad.  Fresh water pearls. Jasper:           No diamonds? Tessa:             Hm. … [Read more...]

A Rescue Dog’s Story Begins With You.

"terrier mix black dog laying in the sun"

"...when you look at a rescue dog for the first time, don't focus on the story of his or her past. Focus on the most important chapter. The chapter that begins with you."  - Lulu's Rescue blog This is Tessa and, no, she didn't (physically) come from Lulu's Rescue, although if we make a literal assumption - that Tessa represents "every rescue," at least for the length of this post, then, metaphorically symbolically, she could have come from Lulu. The chapter of Tessa's life that begins with … [Read more...]

Working Very Hard At Relaxing

"black mixed brred dog in crate"

We are hard at work. Bet you can't tell, can you? Wanna guess what we're working on? You'll never figure it out, so I'll tell you. We (really, just me) are working at "relaxing." My person and I haven't been out and about for quite a while now. She's been writing, and then she's been writing, and after that, she's been writing ... well, I think I've made that plain enough.  Before I knew it, I was crated in the back of the car and we were off to wander around the village. Felt like summer, … [Read more...]