When All The World Was Whippets

"white female whippet laying in grassy back yard in the sun"

When all the world was whippets                                                                                              When all the world was whippets, everything I ever wanted was there in the depths of their dark eyes.  Liquid pools of quiet acceptance, grave awareness and, a wink. They were whippets after all. Silly whippersnappers. Alert. Easy; such easy keepers. Leash walking always a graceful waltz. Envious neighbors. Didn't I know it? Felix: my silly … [Read more...]

Walking Other People’s Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

Walking other people's dogs happens when you least expect it.  Your neighbor's plans fall apart and, at the last minute, she needs someone to take care of the family dog. "Just for three days," she explains. And there you are. And here he is: Just one really happy pup. Wanna feed me? Go for a walk? Wanna hang out? Be my friend? How about that walk now? Gotta toy for me? I see that leash. Let's get busy - get out there - go meet my friends. Go make new friends! Isn't it just a lovely … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Other People’s Dogs: Could You Be a Pet Nanny?

Happy Dog Tails

Taking care of other people's dogs: I watched a dear friend of mine reinvent herself as a pet nanny and end up with so much referral business that she never lacked for clients, spending anywhere from a weekend to two weeks as the live-in Mary Poppins Dog Whisperer. One weekend, she camped out in a cute, Cap Cod style house within walking distance of a pristine lake. Two weeks later, she was face-booking about the million dollar, sprawling designer home where she'd be staying for two weeks, … [Read more...]

My life walking dogs

:young man and female pit bull terrier mixed breed standing in fenced yard

My life walking dogs used to start with early morning walks, me and whatever dog (or dogs) needed to get out and move. Over the years, I've walked ex-racing greyhounds and whippets: elegant walkers with such easy strides. I could ease myself into a quiet meditative state, not worrying about other people's ill-mannered dogs. I've walked Great Danes. Such mild, gentle giants guaranteed to slow cars along West Church Street. I've walked dogs that were dog aggressive that kept me on my toes, one eye … [Read more...]

Loose Leash Walking In The Front Garden With Gracie.

"miss Kim lilac bush blooms"

Loose leash walking is easier said than done with a new dog, especially one, like Gracie, our American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed breed?), who loves to pull because there's so much to see and do and sniff. What she really wants to do is play with the dogs that she sees out walking with their owners in our Norman Rockwell - looking neighborhood.  We know that Gracie likes dogs but my neighbors, who haven't met her yet, look at her and see the stereotype pit bull dog that they "know" isn't dog … [Read more...]